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‘Frenkie de Jong’ admits Barca deserved to lose

Frenkie de Jong confirmed that Barcelona has no excuses after losing 4-2 at home to Girona last night. Points chasing the leading team But they were beaten by a dark horse like Girona. The results of this competition allowed Michel Sanchez’s team to overtake Real Madrid

Vegetable oil sold in our home market.

Vegetable oil sold in our home market. Is it compressed hydrogen? No, our homegrown vegetable oils are now produced in a non-hydrogenated form. After a campaign to stop using this method in the production. to extend the service life In addition to compressed hydrogenate What other foods contain trans

Vertigo What can cause?

Vertigo What can cause? In addition to these various causes, vertigo can cause by other diseases. Which are cause by abnormalities of the balance organs in the inner ear. Which is the part that controls balance Therefore, if it is found that the initial symptoms of dizziness.

7 health characteristics of the “tongue” that reveal disease

7 health characteristics of the “tongue” that reveal disease The appearance of the “tongue” can tell the health of our body that it is strong. Or are you at risk of any serious disease? brings information from Assoc. Prof. Dr. Napadol Tangjaturasamee, Department of Otolaryngology, Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai

“Condyloma” is a sexually transmitted disease that is as scary

“Condyloma” is a sexually transmitted disease. That is as scary as other sexually transmitted diseases. Many times we hear about unprotected sex. for women. When something goes wrong There are often problems. That we have to deal with unpreparedly, such as premature pregnancy. Considered a rather serious effect. But at least there