What is Dragon Tiger game?

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Dragon Tiger game is a card game that was originally developed in Cambodia. It is played as a live casino game and has rapidly become popular globally. The game is fast-moving and simple to play. A factor that has made it attractive to players the world over.

Streak bettors are attracted to Dragon Tiger because they are able to keep track of winning hands and place their bets based on that information. A standard deck of 52 cards is used – no jokers or wild cards. Unlike most casino games. The game is not played against the dealer UFABET 

Basic Rules of Dragon Tiger.

In Dragon Tiger, one card is dealt to the Dragon betting position and one is dealt to the Tiger betting position. It is the position that has the highest card that wins. When playing, a bet can be placed on any of these two positions or on a tie.

The ace has the lowest value while the rest of the cards carry their usual value. The king is the highest value card. The suit of the cards has no bearing on the outcome of the game. If there is a tie, half the bet value is lost if placed on the Dragon or the Tiger.

Basic Strategy of Dragon Tiger.

When playing Dragon Tiger side bets can be place to improve winning chances. ‘Dragon Big’ and ‘Tiger Big’ are bets place. Drawing cards worth 8 or more. ‘Dragon Small’ and ‘Tiger Small’ are bets on 6 or less. There are no payouts on cards that aren’t within the right value range.

Bets can be place on odd value cards or even value cards on either the Dragon or Tiger position. Although 7 is not include on either of these. If a 7 is dealt. Then the bet is lost. Side bets are separate from the main bets so a player can do both.