Roulette Types.

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When players get to know more about live roulette. In this section we would like to introduce the Roulette Types. Which can be divided into several categories. We have selected 3 main types that are popular bets and we will explain the key features and differences of each live roulette:

European roulette.

Many people may call it the classic version of roulette. This European live roulette has 37 numbers in total 1 -36 with a green 0 in the box. This type of roulette is the most popular due to its winning chances and house edge. Which gives the player an advantage over other types UFABET 

French roulette.

French roulette is almost the same as European roulette. The only difference being that players only lose half of their bet. But bets cannot be left on the table for the next round of play. But if the player loses. He can leave the other half of his bet for playing in the next round called the Imprisonment rule.

American roulette.

The specialty of this type of roulette is that there are 38 additional numbers. That in addition to 1-36, there will be 2 more boxes of numbers 0 and 00 added. Increased house edge And the player’s chances of winning will be less as well.