Pepe is suspicious of Paul Argentinian after the Portuguese.

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Pepe the veteran defender for the Portuguese national team Argentinian referee Facundo Tello took charge in their 1-0 defeat to Morocco in the football World Cup quarter-finals.

Argentina conceded an equalizer 11 minutes into stoppage time in Friday’s game. Causing extra time with Emiliano Martinez attacking Antonio Mateu Lahoz. The Spanish referee wanted Holland to score an equalizer. While team captain Lionel Messi was criticized this too.

Pepe said after the heartbreaking game that. Tello’s appointment in the game should not have been approved in the first place. With Argentina still in the tournament UFABET

“We conceded a goal that we didn’t expect. But I’ll have to say this. It is unacceptable for Argentine referees to act in our game.” said Pepe.

“After what happened yesterday with Messi being talked about. Argentina was all talking and the referee (Argentinian) came here.

“What did we play in the second half? The goalkeeper kept lying on the floor Eight minutes of added injury time. We worked hard and the referee only gave us eight minutes?

“We didn’t play anything in the second half. The only team that plays football is us. We are sad. And We have the quality to win the World Cup and we can’t do that Portuguese