Morocco 1 – Portugal 0.

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Morocco became the first African nation to reach the World Cup playoffs after a 1-0 win over Portugal in Football World Cup 2022 quarter-finals.

Morocco 1 – Portugal 0

Stadium: Al Thumama Stadium, Doha, Qatar

Four minutes into the game, Portugal were on the verge of a head start when Bruno Fernandes gave a free-kick to Joao Felix’s header. But Bono was still able to deflect back.

The next 2 minutes were some chances for Morocco. Hakim Ziyech opened a corner kick on the left for Youssef N-Neziri to head in alone. But the ball went over the crossbar.

Portugal had a clear chance in the 31st minute when the ball was headed into Joao Felix’s way, caught it and then volleyed the right side of the penalty area. UFABET Deflecting the ball off El Yamiq, causing Bono to fall in the wrong direction. But it’s still good that the ball is slightly higher than the crossbar

Morocco also has a scary counterattack all the time. In the 35th minute, Boufal pays off the left for Yahia Atteet-Allah. Opened into the middle, came to the first post, Selim Amallah immediately flicked a shot with his left foot. But the ball went over the crossbar.

Until the 42nd minute, it became Morocco, who led 1-0 when Yahia Attiat-Allah Get the ball on the left flank and Early Cross goes into the penalty area, Youssef N-Nasiri reaches the ball before taking a high header into the net, where Diogo Costa comes out to draw the wind. full

In the 45th minute, Portugal almost equalized from the ball that Bruno Fernandes flicked with a right-footed shot at the right side of the penalty area. The ball passed Bono’s hand, but unfortunately hit the crossbar.

And during the first half of the injury, in the 2nd minute, Morocco almost escaped from the counter-attack, Azsedine Unahi, paid an empty space in the penalty area on the left for Yahia Attiat-Allah. Go through and shoot without getting caught. But the ball went into the side net

The first half ended with Morocco leading Portugal 1-0.

Portugal couldn’t stay still in the 51st minute, with Joao Cancelo and Cristiano Ronaldo coming on to replace Rafael Guerreiro and Ruben Neves.

Portugal began to tighten the attack game. In the 58th minute, Otavio opened the ball into the penalty area for Gonzalo Ramos to float and head alone. But the ball pushes out of the frame.

Foi Thong almost equalized again in the 64th minute from losing the ball in the middle of Morocco’s Bernardo Silva, allowing Bruno Fernandes to capture the front of the penalty area and shine with a focused right. The ball hits the beam a little bit.

Portugal then dominated the ball almost on one side. But the problem is that almost can’t find a rhythm to win the door without notifying

Portugal should have leveled in the 82nd minute from a mistake by the Moroccan defensive line who made the ball easy. Ronaldo set up Felix to run with a left foot in the right penalty area. But Bono still flew. beyond the beam

In the 91st minute.

Portugal had another golden opportunity. When Bruno Fernandes flowed through the channel forward for Cristiano Ronaldo to run after and shoot from the right. But Bono still managed to save. before seizing it by hand

Morocco were reduced to 10 men in the 93rd minute. When substitute Walid Cheddira was shown two yellow cards two minutes apart, leading to a red card.

Morocco also had a chance to win from the counter-attack in the 96th minute. When Zakaria Abuklal dropped solo. But pushing the chip into Costa’s hand

The next minute, Portugal had a chance to win when Rafael Leao opened from the left for Pepe to head off a little.

At the end of the game, Morocco beat Portugal 1-0 to become the first African nation to reach the World Cup semi-finals.