Frenkie slams ‘Laoz’ referees for their lack of standards.

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Dutch midfielder Frenkie de Jong has criticized Spanish blacks Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz. For not having enough standards to referee a crucial game at the football World Cup.

Netherlands midfielder Frenkie de Jong has criticized Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz for not having enough quality to referee important games. After the Dutch side lost to Argentina in the quarterfinals, according to a report from ‘Diario Sport’ on Saturday. 

Mateu Lahoz was previously criticized by Lionel Messi, the Argentina captain. After the Spanish referee was unable to control the fierce game between the two teams. UFABET And also issued a total of 14 yellow cards to both players. Before Frenkie a 25-year-old midfielder was another disappointment with his face. The pose of the black shirt from the city of Bull as well.

‘As soon as the control time is over they went to him. Then he only blew the whistle for Argentina, it was really a scandal,’ said Frenkie. ‘I think he got lost in extra time’.

‘I don’t want to talk about referees. Because you can’t say what you think or say exactly. because you will be punished immediately But FIFA must consider’

‘You can’t send a referee like that in this case. For a match that big, it’s very important. He’s not up to par. people saw what happened. We were scared before the game because we knew what he was like.’ said the 25-year-old midfielder.