Ferran Torres posts a message of thanks to Enrique.

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Spain forward Ferran Torres has posted a message of thanks to Luis Enrique Martinez for stepping down as Spanish football coach.

Barcelona’s Spanish striker Ferran Torres has posted a message on Instagram to thank Luis Enrique Martinez. After the 52-year-old stepped down as boss Army ‘La Roja’. According to a report from ‘Diario Sport’ on Saturday. 

The 22-year-old has a stronger relationship with Luis Enrique than any other Spanish player. As Ferran is in a relationship with Lucho’s beautiful daughter, Zira Martinez. After dating in 2021, before the future son-in-law posted a message praising Luis Enrique as his former boss and wishing his father-in-law good luck in the future UFABET

‘Thanks for everything, Luis, there will be a lot of success for you and your team in the future for sure.’

Ferran also spoke about the overall picture of the 2022 World Cup in Spain. Which ended only in the round of 16 after losing 3-0 to Morocco before looking at the future. 

‘The World Cup ended earlier than we planned. It was a very intense week. in which we have shared experiences I still have things to improve and constructive criticism.’

‘The rest would be better off not paying attention to it. A new stage begins and we must be united. I wish Luis de la Fuente (new Spain coach) all the best and thank Luis Enrique and his entire staff for everything. ‘