Easy tips to play Dragon Tiger.

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Dragon Tiger is a live casino game some players have had issues with from time to time. It is a game you will either get right away or not. Below is a small breakdown of 5 easy tips for playing Dragon Tiger. That every player can learn from be they beginners or advanced.

1)The Betting

Players can bet on the tiger or the dragon. Player’s preference. There is no particular formula outside of choosing the tiger or dragon. Players do need to know there is at least a 3.73% house edge going on.

Players can use the odds to play their tiger and dragon cards.UFABET  But make sure you play the right move. The house will always have the edge. They play to win.

2)Counting the Cards

This is one game where you need to count the cards being played. You need to know the number the house plays to increase the odds of winning.

Hint: A 7 in the deck is going to amount to nothing more than a loss. Dealers sometimes deal this card on purpose.


Players should try to adopt a suit strategy. There are some who assume that the dragon tiger card is won based on luck. This is not entirely true. There is a strategy for drawing and playing the tiger dragon card.

Players need to be aware of how many suits have been played versus the ones left in the deck. Knowing the difference in the numbers can mean the difference between winning and losing.

4)What About the Tie Bet?

Some players like to do this. The tie bet odds are 8 to 1. The players can usually walk away with some big bucks when using this strategy. The one problem is the house has a 32% odds during this strategy. This is the main reason why it is extremely hard and rare for a player to win. It can be done, but the player really has to know his or strategies in order to pull it off.

5)Betting the Dragon Tiger

Players should try to avoid this strategy altogether. Studies have shown that no player has ever won massive amounts of money by using this system. That is why it is advisable to players to stay away.