“Condyloma” is a sexually transmitted disease that is as scary

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Condyloma” is a sexually transmitted disease. That is as scary as other sexually transmitted diseases.

Many times we hear about unprotected sex. for women. When something goes wrong There are often problems. That we have to deal with unpreparedly, such as premature pregnancy. Considered a rather serious effect. But at least there is still a way out for us to continue living. Even if the path is not strewn with rose petals. If you turn to look on the other side. When the problem is not pregnancy. But it is a sexually transmitted disease. That can happen to both men and women, some diseases have a chance to be cured almost zero by sexually transmitted diseases. 

That we know well, including AIDS, herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis and others, but today https://ufabet999.com Health will talk about another disease that is equally strong as ‘ Condyloma ‘There is little chance of that happening. But if it is, then it is as dangerous as other diseases as well.

Genital warts are the most common warts on the genitals. It is cause by the virus ‘HPV’ (Human Papilloma Virus). Which is consider the most common sexually transmit disease. Most of them found dur the reproductive age, 17-33 years old. Both males and females. but more common in females Currently, about 100 subspecies of the HPV virus have identifie. Some species can cause warts on the skin. Some species can cause genital warts strains will increase the risk of cancers in the reproductive system, such as cervical cancer. It is also at risk of causing anal cancer as well.

Up to 90% of people with genital warts found to cause by subspecies of the HPV 6 and 11 virus. The risk that this virus will cause cancer is relatively low. The types of HPV that cause cancer in the reproductive tract and urinary tract are HPV 16 and 18. at the initial stage.

 When the skin is infecte or infecte with HPV through skin abrasions.

There will incubation period for the bacteria. That do not show any symptoms of the disease for several months. or maybe several years. Which after the incubation period has passed The virus will be divided into more numbers. As a result, the formation of cells in the skin layer is abnormal. But in fact, the body will be able to get rid of this type of virus by itself. Only a small part of it still exists. If you accidentally become infected with a severe strain of the virus, you may be at risk of developing cancer at the site of infection.

The source of HPV is transmitted through direct contact with the lesion. Which is through sex with an infected person. Which when looking at ‘condyloma’ although it is a virus of the same type as other common warts, but the main infection from having sex As for the sharing of objects such as toilet lids, it is not likely to cause condyloma infection.

Who is at risk of getting “condyloma”?

  • those who have sex without using a condom This will increase the chance of contracting HPV from a sexual partner who has the disease.
  • Condyloma is classified as a sexually transmitted disease. If it found in child. Additional investigations into child rape and molesting behavior require.
  • People whose behavior involves having multiple sex partners or start having sex at a young age This can increase your risk of developing genital warts.